Order, Payment, Delivery

1. Add the required goods to the shopping cart, execute an order and send it to us.

2. After processing the order, our employee will contact you by email and will confirm the availability of the item and the approximate time of delivery.

3. Payment is made by bank transfer against the invoice, which will be sent to your email.

4. Delivery is carried out directly to the client from the manufacturer by courier service Dascher, DPD, UPS, Fiege or other services.

5. The delivery cost is not included in the price of the goods, and may vary in each individual case. We put our best efforts to offer the lowest possible cost of delivery for each order.


It is important to know:

6. delivery is carried out from the manufacturer, and “to the door”;

7. usually, the delivery is carried out during working hours;

8. if the courier can not reach you or is unable to deliver to the address (closed area, security system, limited access, etc.), the goods are taken back to the terminal. The costs associated with redelivery are paid additionally by the client;

9. in most cases the goods are brought on a pallet, and it is quite a heavy size. You must be ready to accept the goods, because the courier is not a loader and will not help you to bring the goods in;

10. if you need to lift the goods to the floor, it is paid additionally. You should also inform us whether there is an elevator on site, whether there is enough space to bring in the goods, whether there are any other obstacles;

11. any other costs associated with the inability to deliver the goods to the client are paid additionally.

12. since the goods are dispatched on the individual order, we do not accept returns.


13. All goods are covered by 2-year factory warranty (unless otherwise specified).

14. The client should notify about the problems by email, should describe the problem in detail and send photos to our email. In the event of an warranty case, we will send a courier, who will take the goods to the service center, where it will be repaired or replaced, and delivered back to the client. In case of minor defects that do not affect the performance, we can offer a limited compensation. The waiting period and conditions shall be agreed in each case separately. The client is obliged to keep all documents of purchase and original packaging of goods. Goods without the original packaging are not taken back.

15. In most cases, paid invoice is the warranty document (unless otherwise specified).

Warranty is not possible if:

16. there is mechanical damage, which appeared due to a fault of the client;

17.  it is stated that the manufacturer’s warranty seal or serial number is damaged, the unauthorized penetration was taking place and/or the buyer himself tried to eliminate the damage;

18. there is damage, which appeared as a result of natural disasters, lightning, fire, flood, etc.;

19. there is damage, which appeared as a result of penetration of foreign objects, liquids, insects, etc.;

20. there is damage, which appeared as a result of the use of low-quality water (with high content of calcium, chlorine, rust and sand) - for electric fireplaces with steam generators;

21. there is damage, which appeared as a result of the effect of chemical agents;

22. there is damage, which appeared as a result of the instability or breakdown of electrical voltage, mismatch of parameters of communication cables, as well as other domestic factors (dirt, smoke, dust, moisture, etc.);

23. damage is related to the fact that the item was not used according to the user guide, the conditions of storage and transportation were not observed, and if the item was not installed according to the user guide;

24. the damage is related to the fact that the item was not used for its intended purpose or was used for professional purposes;

25 non-standard electric power supplies, accessories and reserve units, as well as resources (cartridges, toners, etc.) which were not certified by the manufacturer for the use of this item were used, and if it resulted in damage to the goods;

26. the goods were not operated in accordance with the safety regulations;

27. the goods were not operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


Safety Measures of the Use of Ethanol Fireplaces


28. Compliance with the safety recommendations listed below will prevent damage to the goods, as well as the emergence of potentially dangerous situations that could lead to bodily injuries of the people around.

29. General safety rules for the majority of ethanol fireplaces is listed below. However, it is also necessary carefully to read the user guide that comes with each fireplace. It is prohibited to use the goods in the room with an area less than 20 m2

30. Ethanol fireplaces should be installed exclusively in the fire-resisting material. When producing a niche for built-in ethanol fireplaces, please note that the material should be non-flammable.

31. Do not install the fireplace in the room with strong drafts, close to fans, ventilation apertures, etc.

32. There should be carbon dioxide (CO2) or dry powder fire extinguisher close to the fireplace.

33. When installing the device, remember that it should be easily dismounted for performance of maintenance works.

34. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is emitted in combustion. Simple aeration of the room moves away the emitted carbon dioxide and provides oxygen supply needed to maintain the fire.

35. It is necessary to ensure the sufficient ventilation in the room, in which ethanol fireplace is used. If necessary, ventilation should be enhanced by leaving open window or door.

36. Do not light the fireplace until its complete and correct installation.

37. Some automatic ethanol fireplaces require a space beneath them - never try to light uninstalled fireplace on a flat surface, because this may lead to its damage. Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.

38. Fill the fuel tank only after complete installation of the fireplace.

39. It is permitted to light the ethanol fireplace only to persons who have reached the age of majority.

40. It is prohibited to light the ethanol fireplace in the places with a strong draft, as well as close to fans or similar devices used to ventilate the room.

41. It is prohibited to place the ethanol fireplace in the places where potentially explosive and/or flammable substances may be present in the atmosphere, such as a evaporations of varnish, industrial dust, etc.

42. It is prohibited to use the parts of the ethanol fireplace, which have mechanical damage.

43. Since the temperature of the surface of ethanol fireplace is very high, it is necessary to make sure that children, pets, as well as clothing, furniture, etc. are at a safe distance. While in operation, the fireplace is very hot, and any touching can cause burns to the skin.

44. It is prohibited to place the fireplace at a distance of less than 1 m away from curtains, blinds and other flammable items.

45. It is prohibited to move a burning or warm ethanol fireplace. Moving of ethanol fireplace is permitted only after the fuel has completely burned out, and the fireplace has cooled off.

46. ​​It is prohibited to leave a burning ethanol fireplace without adult supervision.

47. It is prohibited to repair ethanol fireplace independently and to make changes to its design.

48. Use the fuel, which is recommended by the manufacturer - it burns without formation of harmful emissions and is odorless. The use of other fuels may lead to the fact that gases, which are potentially dangerous for health, are released during combustion.

49. Fuel ingestion is strictly prohibited, because it contains substances that are toxic to the human body.

50. Fuel should be stored in a safe place beyond the reach of children, pets and unauthorized people.

51. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED to fill up fuel during combustion – THIS IS LIFE-THREATENING! You should always extinguish the fire!

52. It is prohibited to place any objects or substances inside the fireplace other than those provided by the manufacturer.

53. It is worth using only the accessories provided by the seller and it is necessary to observe all relevant instructions.

54. It is prohibited to touch the hot parts of the ethanol fireplace.

55. It is prohibited to cover the ethanol fireplace and its ventilation apertures to avoid the risk of fire. For wall-mounted fireplaces: the mounting height on the wall can be different, but it should be considered that the location of the fireplace at the level of 1 m to 1.5 m above the floor level is safer, as it allows you visually to monitor the flame and the distance to the flame. At that time, if the fireplace is located downwards, the person may approach the fire at a dangerous distance, which may result in a fire hazard (for example, long dress or coat). In these cases, it is recommended to use special guards, similar to those that are used in usual fireplaces.

56. Fireplace should be installed on a firm and horizontal surface. If the fireplace is wall-mounted, it is necessary to make sure that it does not have deviations horizontally and vertically, the wall should be of non-combustible material. For the models that have an additional heat-protection shield, it is necessary to make sure that it is installed in the gap between the fireplace and the wall.

57. Fire bowl of the burner should be filled to a depth of 2/3 or not more than 2 cm below the upper edge of the burner. Be careful: excessive fuel on the outer surfaces of the burner should be removed with absorbent cloth or textile.

58. Ignition is made with a special elongated lighter, button on the control panel or remote control desk (in case of automatic fireplace).

59. Having switched on the lighter, take it to the fire bowl, trying to make the distance between your head and the burner as long as possible. The higher the temperature of the burner and fuel, the greater the probability of gas flashing during ignition.

60. Be careful, always keep your head at a maximum distance from the burner during ignition.

61. After the ignition the flame is bluish, and only after 3-4 minutes it becomes yellow.

62. If possible, let the fuel burn out completely, this will prevent unnecessary evaporation of remaining fuel.

63. If you wish to put out the flames before complete burning out of biofuel, use the damper of the burner or “off” button of ethanol fireplace in case of automatic model, or sliding contact in case of semi-automatic model. Wait about 30 minutes until the burner of ethanol fireplace cools down to room temperature. Only then dispose of the remaining fuel of ethanol fireplace.


64. Do not touch the fireplace, do not put the flash extinguisher or other foreign objects on the top of the fireplace, the temperature of these surfaces during combustion is +80- +90C. If you feel an unpleasant odor, please aerate the room.

65. After use of the ethanol fireplace, the complete burnout of bioethanol is desirable, as the remaining ethanol in the fuel block evaporates and forms a dangerous gas. Keep bioethanol in a cool dark place, out of reach of children and pets.

66. Never try to extinguish the flame with water.

67. You should regularly clean the combustion chamber with warm water and detergent.

68. Use soft cloth moistened with warm water and a small amount of detergent (neutral pH) to remove stains. It is recommended regularly to clean the stainless steel surface.

69. Never use chemicals, steel wool and other materials for cleaning of the fireplace, because they can leave scratches. The manufacturer shall not be liable for defects caused by improper use or cleaning of the fireplace.

70. Fireplace can raise the temperature in the room, but it is not a fully-featured heating device and is not suitable for constant heating!

71. It is prohibited to smoke while refuelling!

72. Be very careful while fuel filling. In case of spillage, it can leave stains on the carpet or floor. Spilled biofuel should be removed with absorbent material and clean water to prevent the ignition of the burner outside of ethanol fireplace.

73. Do not store more than 5 containers of flammable liquids in one room.

74. Keep the fuel tanks tightly closed.

75. Do not expose biofuel to direct heat sources such as direct sunlight or central heating.

76. Keep away children and pets away from the operative or uncooled ethanol fireplace.

Limitation of Liability

77. Eurotop LTD shall not be liable for any damage inflicted on you, the third parties, property or pets due to violation of the rules of the operation instructions of the goods (all presented on the website). Eurotop LTD shall not be liable for improper use of the goods, for the use other than as intended, as well as for the unauthorized repair or attempt to repair, as well as for any other consequences of the use of the goods presented on this website. Proper installation and use of fireplaces in accordance with the instructions, understanding of the installation and operation rules - is the sole responsibility of the client.

78. Goods, prices, services and images on this website are informative. Provided information does not entail any legal relationship between the creators of the website and its users. The goods can be visually different from the images on the website, as well as the cost of the goods can be changed without notice. Since manufacturers are continuously improving their products, we can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the description.

79. Prices of goods and services are stated inclusive of VAT 21%, except for countries for which VAT 0% is applied. Usually, in such cases, VAT and possible import duties are paid by the client upon receipt of the goods.